Vocational Activation Trainings

Studies are usually the first conscious step towards a career. Today's world, the rapid development of technology and a thriving economy expect from the young person's mind to be open to change. This enforces being active and keeping up to date with the novelty in the labour market. Learning, the acquisition of knowledge cannot be separated from the process of implementing of the new skills in life, and thus from pursuing professional fulfillment.

Such mission of our University is pursued by Career Services, whose activities are very broad, but at the same time completely voluntary for the students. Optionality of our support, on the one hand emphasizes the autonomous decisions of the young person, but on the other, often closes the path to learn about professionally important things for some students. Ten-year experience of our staff and the observations of students indicate and confirm that in the overload of stimuli, students can easily get lost in the sheer volume of information and the lack of explicit guidance.

It is precisely the set of vocational activation trainings course, which equips the students, in addition to competence, with 2 additional ECTS, and fulfills this gap. The trainings which are conducted by the Career Services staff help boost the awareness among the students that they should never leave their professional activities “for later”, if they can work towards a conscious and mostly satisfying professional roles already from the first year of studies. The set of trainings prepared by Career Services provides such an opportunity, and thus maximizes the chances of success in the labour market. After all, this is exactly the stage of life when one should take care of this!
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