Observing the contemporary job market Career Services of Wrocław University of Economics notes the growing demands of employers towards flexibility and continuous learning potential of the employees. Also, the labour market, adapting to trends of the Y generation, forms demands giving opportunity to talented individuals with high motivation and commitment, who are determined and have clearly specified goals.
The answer to the needs of the modern labour market offered by Career Services of Wrocław University of Economics is a new form of support connecting to the employer’s needs and expectations of students, i.e. Mentoring. We believe that the source from which the students can draw inspiration and strength for their own professional development is the potential of experienced representatives of their industries.

Currently, Mentoring is a partnership-based relationship in which mentors do not impose their direction and do not provide ready-made answers, but inspire the students, helping them discover their needs, desires and opportunities. They also pass over the basic knowledge about self-development and self-improvement. In this new master - apprentice relation, Mentors with extensive experience and numerous professional success, discover new opportunities and sources of inspiration also for their own development.

The main objectives of mentoring:

  •     discovery and actualization of one’s potential;
  •     developing long-term and intrinsic motivation;
  •     continuous and constant feedback to build self-awareness;
  •     identification and analysis of strengths and weaknesses together with the Mentor;
  •     support in undertaken challenges;
  •     stimulating creativity and entrepreneurship;
  •     analysis of possible career paths, analysis of risks and opportunities;
  •     developing personal and social competencies;
  •     determination and periodical verification of goals and the evaluation of the degree of their achievement (goals relate to, among others, the course of learning or personal and career development).

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