Social Competence of the Future


Social Competence of the Future is a new humanities elective that has been introduced into the formal education pathway since the academic year 2021/22 and was prepared on the basis of the Future Competences programme organised by the Centre for Cooperation with Business.

Take a look at the impressions of the participants from the last semester:

Who is the program aimed at?

The target group is students in the second and third years of study at the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business – 60 students have been recruited so far.

The aim of the course is to familiarize students with the universal social competencies required for continuous personal development, social awareness, acquisition of new skills, empathy, collaboration, problem solving and building their personal brand. The added value of the topic is that the students are able to identify their competences and build their performance and their advantage in the professional perspective.

Subject area covers 5 themes:

The cornerstone of the subject is the creation of social projects, which the students will create with the support of trainers – business partners.

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