Professional Practices

The apprenticeships are only for 2nd year 1st degree and 3rd year engineering students and are a credit to the subject Professional Practices.

Attention! Students Apprenticeship service is only provided on-line (waiting time for a reply up to 3 working days). If you need to appear in person at the Career Office, you should make an appointment by phone or e-mail in advance and use all required personal protective equipment (masks, hand disinfection).

Professional Practices – Step by step.

  1. Read the Rules and Regulations for professional practices carried out by students of first degree studies at the Wrocław University of Economics with Annex 1 and the Communication of the Dean for Students' Affairs of 12 May 2020 on the implementation of professional practices in the academic year 2019/2020.
  2. Choose the path for the realization of practice 1, 2 or 3.
  3. Familiarise yourself with the procedure of the selected pathway and follow it by respecting the deadlines set.

Please read the detailed description of the procedure for the selected pathway.

Path 3

Dear Student!

The deadline for fill out Application for granting a credit to pass professional practice on the basis of other professional or social activity was 31 July 2020. If you have any questions about the pass Professional Practices according to path 3, please contact Ms Karolina Piotrowska by e-mail -

Path 2

Dear Students!

The deadline for submitting the Application to include entity in the database of Practice Organisers in given Academic year was 15.08.2020.
Path 2 is closed.

Path 1 – valid until 15.09.2020

  1. Log in to Job Teaser and select a place to practice from the Practice Base according to your field of study.
  2. Send your application via JobTeaser to the employer of your choice and attach it:
  3. Wait for the employer to send his decision to you and CWB-BK (to – the file „Application for  apprenticeshi”.
  4. Then, You will receive 3 copies of the Tripartite Apprenticeship Contract from the CWB-BK (by post), one week before the apprenticeship, which you will sign and submit to your Employer for signature.
  5. Set up an Work Training Program and your responsibilities with your employer - you can use examples:
  6. Before starting the apprenticeship, insure yourself against accident insurance (NNW) and bring to the Business Cooperation Centre - Career Office one copy of the Tripartite Contract signed with you and the employer and the Work Training Program.
  7. Download the Professional Practice Log and fill it out on an ongoing basis in accordance with the declared Work Training Program.
  8. After completing the internship and receiving all necessary opinions and signatures from the Internship Supervisor in the Professional Practice Log bring it to the Business Cooperation Centre - Career Office no later than 15.09.2020.
  9. You will receive information on passing apprenticeships until 30.09.2020.
  10. Remember that the realization of unpaid internships of 120 h. takes place between 01.07.2020-15.09.2020.

The apprenticeship is obligatory and is provided for by the study programme (the student receives ECTS credits for it). Therefore, it is important that their area is compatible with the field of study.

The purpose of the apprenticeship is:

Apprenticeships are counted on the basis of one of three paths that have been presented in the graphic above.

We also invite you to read the section "Frequently asked questions".

Frequently asked questions

Who has to do the apprenticeship?

All students of the 2nd year of the 1st degree Bachelor's degree programme in the summer before the beginning of the 5 th semester of the studies are obliged to complete the Professional Training.

When should the Apprenticeships be completed and what is its time frame?

Apprenticeships must be completed in min. 120 hours from 01.07.2020 to 15.09.2020.

Is it possible to do the practice anywhere?

Work Training Program must be consistent with the learning outcomes of the student.

In order to choose the place of internship, students will be able to use the Database of Vocational Training Organizers, which will be available on the JobTeaser platform. (Path 1).

It is possible to propose an Organization in which the student would like to complete the internship (Path 2).

Is it possible to pass previous / current work activities as apprenticeships?

There is a possibility to pass the obligatory apprenticeship on the basis of previous work/traineeship/traineeship/social work - up to 2 years back (on the basis of e.g. contract, certificate of employment, etc.) in accordance with the field of study and learning outcomes*, assuming a minimum of 120 hours (Track 3)

* It is not possible to pass an apprenticeship, e.g. in the course of International Business Relations on the basis of work as a waiter, carpenter, security officer or prosecutor.

Is it possible to carry out apprenticeships abroad?

If the epidemiological situation changes, it is possible to carry out apprenticeships abroad.

Are apprenticeships paid?

Mandatory apprenticeships are upaid.

Is it possible to do apprenticeships in remote work mode?

According to the Communication of the Dean of Students' Affairs in the academic year 2019/2020 due to an epidemic, the internship may be carried out using electronic means of communication (remote work), under the rules applicable to the Organizer of the internship, as well as using business simulations, if the Internship Manager indicates in the Application for the internship in the section "Additional information" that the learning outcomes will be achieved in this way.

Questions that are not listed above should be addressed to:

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