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ATTENTION! Between 02.10.2017 and 11.10.2017 the recruitment to the 5th edition of the “Start with Internships" projects for Students of 1st year of master degree is open for:

  • International Economic Relations (Faculty of Economic Sciences) [pl: Międzynarodowe Stosunki Gospodarcze (Wydział Nauk Ekonomicznych)]
  • Management and Production Engineering (Faculty of Engineering and Economics) [pl: Zarządzanie i inżynierii produkcji (Wydział Inżynieryjno-ekonomiczny)]
  • Economics (Faculty of Economics, Management and Tourism) [pl: Zarządzania i inżynierii produkcji (Wydział IE)]
  • Management (Faculty of Economics, Management and Tourism) [pl: Zarządzania i inżynierii produkcji (Wydział IE)] 

Application forms are available in the Project’s Office (room 308, build. E) and in Jelenia Góra (at the EZiT Faculty). We cordially invite all interested.

Ranking lists of employers qualified for the 5th edition of Internships are available at:






Recruitment of the Employers - 5th edition


Employers' Ranking List


Recruitment for the students of the 1st year of master studies at MSG and ZIP - 5th edition



Publication of the Student Ranking Lists of the 5th edition (Students can send applications to Employers)


Recruitment of the 5th edition Students with Employers according to the declared vacancies specified in the Employer Application Form.

23.10.2017 until 2 PM 

Feedback from Employers on which Students were admitted to the internships.


Preparation of documents for students


Introductory training for Students

Medical examination


Implementation of the 3-month internships in the 5th edition

Wrocław University of Economics within the framework of the “START WITH INTERNSHIPS” Project provides the students with:
• monthly internship salary,
• covering of the costs related to medical examinations and insurance,
• co-financing of travel costs, if the internship is outside the place of residence above 50 km,
• co-financing the cost of accommodation, if the internship is located more than 50 km from student’s place of residence,
• office consumables (including briefcase, calendar, pendrive).

The course of internships: paid 3-month internships in continuous-time of 360 hours (120 hours / 1 month) implemented in accordance with the Employers Internship Programme and under the supervision of the Internship Supervisor and the University Internship Coordinator. In order to reconcile the learning process with work, the students undertaking internships will determine the conditions of combining studies and internships in the relevant Dean’s Office.

_resized_44x44_roket_free_icon_2 We invite you to read the Guidelines for Settlement of Travel and Accommodation Expenses:


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