"If you want to get somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there"
R.T. Kiyosaki

This program is based on cooperation and exchange of experience with our partners in Germany and the UK. Implemented jointly with the Lower Silesian Network of Career Services, it successfully embodies the idea of mythological partnership relationship between the experienced Mentor and the Mentee, a student or an apprentice.

The aim of the project is to develop the skills of career planning in students. Career planning and personal development of students is based on the utilization of their natural behaviours, as well as role-models and experience at  regional companies, in order to choose the path and direction of personal development.

Currently, Mentoring is a partnership-based relationship in which mentors do not impose their direction and do not provide ready-made answers, but inspire the students, helping them discover their needs, desires and opportunities. They also pass over the basic knowledge about self-development and self-improvement. In this new master-apprentice relation, Mentors with extensive experience and numerous professional success, discover new opportunities and sources of inspiration, not only for the Mentees, but also for their own development.

What can Mentee gain from the mentoring relationship?

  •   Getting to know the specifics of work in the industry;
  •   Verification of one’s own ideas about work, position, industry or their own competence with respect to the selected career path;
  •   Establishing professional contacts;
  •   Personal development - an increase of interpersonal skills;
  •   Strengthening of one’s self-esteem, belief in one’s own abilities;
  •   Exchange of views, experience, dreams, visions;
  •   Conscious career decisions;
  •   Verification of professional objectives on the basis of gained experience;
  •   Self-reflection on the chosen career path.
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