Career Coaching

Career Services invite students and graduates of the University of Economics, who want to self-develop and benefit fully from their internal resources, to participate in CAREER COACHING.

• What is COACHING?
Coaching is a partnership-based relationship with the Customer based on the thought-provoking and creative process which inspires them to achieve and use their highest personal potential.

Career Coaching is a process whose main aim is to strengthen and support the Customer in the self-made deliberate changes in their career path, based on their own findings, conclusions and resources.

• What is not CAREER COACHING?
Career Coaching is not a therapy, vocational counseling, academic tutoring, a method of individualized education, nor is it a business mentoring “master-apprentice” relationship.

- For those who want to look for creative solutions for their future;
- For those who want to work on the positive;
- For those who want to build-up their greater self-awareness;
- For those who want to take responsibility for their actions;
- For those who believe that they can succeed even when facing challenges in their career path.

CAREER COACHING allows for a new look at yourself and the situation in which you are. It helps activate your own resources, providing the tools for identifying your goals, planning your activities and decision-making. It inspires and stimulates the realization of your dreams, both educational and professional!

If you want to learn about your potential and develop it, then CAREER COACHING is just for you!

Registration for individual sessions is possible at the following e-mail address:
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