We invite all students to experience the adventure of your life with us! As part of our nationwide program "PROJECTOR - student volunteer" we offer you a trip to a summer project, during which you will carry out various activities with children in a place in Poland chosen by you. Not only will you get the opportunity to develop personal and new skills, but also an interesting way to spend your holidays. We pay the costs of travel and educational materials, while the school, which will be your host, will provide accommodation and meals. If you are looking for an idea for the summer - our offer is just for you!

See how it works: http://frw.org.pl/strefa-wolontariusza/projekty-wakacyjne/

For more information see our infographics where you will learn step by step how to design your holidays [#Zaprojektowaćwakacje]

Municipal Volunteer Center [MCW] has been operating since September 2011. Years of experience and countless hours of meetings, conversations, and above all, hundreds of connections between the needy and the willing to help, all resulted in changes that have shaped the current formula for action of the MCW.

How does the Municipal Volunteer Center work?

The activities of the Municipal Volunteer Center cover a number of areas. We mediate, inform, train, promote and implement different projects, ours and not ours. More specifically:

    We mediate - via our website www.wolontariat.wroclaw.pl, we create a platform for the exchange of information between people who want to become volunteers and organizations that need help. Regardeless which one you are, come and visit our site!
    We inform - we pass on information about what is happening in volunteering in Wroclaw and beyond. We give also the possibility of exchanging information between different centers organizing volunteer work and, above all, we always provide full and accurate information to those who turn to us for help. We know what’s going on, check us out!
    We train - we prepare future volunteers for responsible and professional performance of their duties. We organize trainings both general ones about volunteering and specialised ones (eg. first aid, time management, self-presentation). We meet the needs reported to us by volunteers and organizations. Need some knowledge? - come to us!
    We promote - we organize meetings and campaigns to promote pro-social attitudes. We try to reach every social group and age. We publish “Volunteers Newspaper" which is co-created by us with organizations and individuals involved in volunteering. Help us do good!
    We inspire - we mobilize and motivate, we show how you can help. We present good practices and projects which are implemented successfully and mean a lot for the local community. We suggest ideas for your own actions, we spread the idea of ​volunteering. Let yourself be carried away by inspiration!
    We support - to encourage social activity, we suggest how to realize the ideas of bringing help to the needy. We provide the best ideas with substantive, technical and cognitive support. This is how the Bicycle Action and Action Inspiration came to life. What will your project be?

Get to it! Volunteering is not only aid in learning, support for the disabled, the elderly and the sick. It is also organization of festivals, conducting workshops, cooperation with many people, self-improvement, support to society and becoming more qualified.

No matter how old you are

No matter how much time you have

You can help too!


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