Therapeutic Consulting

Therapeutic Consulting is addressed to those students who want to work with a therapist on the construction of the most optimal solution for the problematic situation in which they find themselves.

Such work is organised within a framework of the Solution-Focused Brief Therapy. “Brief” means that we are trying to achieve the objectives set via a mutual agreement with the client in the short term, i.e. as quickly as possible, while making maximum use of already existing resources. It must be remembered, however, that the time to work with the client is not strictly determined. Sometimes it is only a few meetings – often stretched over time, which may even be spread across a couple of months.

Unlike other therapies, instead of focusing on the causes of the problem and its analysis, it focuses on the current needs of the client and building solutions to obtain the goal set together with them.

In this approach the clients are regarded experts of their own life. It is them who knows best what they need and what they want to achieve. It is them, who evaluates the progress of the therapy and decides when they want to conclude the therapeutic process. In this framework, the therapist is a kind of tool useful for the client who, together with the therapist, is looking for ideas or ways to find the path to a solution.

All meetings are held in accordance with the principle of confidentiality and security.

If you want to take part in therapeutic consulting, make an appointment by contacting the following address:

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