2015/2016 Edition

Career Services of University of Economics currently is implemnting the fourth edition of the "Mentoring for students” project. This project is a joint initiative of career services implemented within the framework of the Lower Silesian Network of Career Services. The pilot program has met with great interest of both business representatives and students.
This innovative program is based on cooperation and exchange of experience with our partners in Germany and the UK. The aim of the project is to develop the skills of career planning in students. Career planning and personal development of students is based on the use of knowledge, behaviours, role-models and experience of regional companies, in order to choose the path and direction of personal development. At the same time, students have the opportunity to review their beliefs and ideas about the workplace, industry or company.

The students learn the principles and standards of work and organizational culture of companies, which helps them to better prepare for their professional start, and ultimately makes them more attractive candidates for work.

Program schedule

May - August
Applications of Mentors (information and promotion meetings)
October, 21st
Publishing of the Mentors profiles on the WUE Career Services website
October, 21st - November, 16th The emergence in the recruitment of students participating in the project (gathering applications and preselection)
November, 17th - December, 1st
Recruitment meetings with prospective Mentees
December, 2nd – December, 18th
Analysis of Cvs by Mentors (max. 5 candidates per Mentor)
January, 4th - January, 15th Project participants get-together and a workshop for Mentors and Mentees
January – May Individual Mentor - Mentee meetings (on average 6-8 meetings)
March Half-way get-together (mandatory participation of all Mentors and Mentees)
June Summary and end of the project

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