Invitation to cooperation


How has it been?

Mentoring programme for students and graduates has existed at our university since 2011. This program is based on cooperation and exchange of experience with our partners in Germany and the UK.

What is the aim of the program?

The aim of the program is to help shape the students’ and graduates' planning and career development skills, as well as achieving the designated goals by working with a mentor.

How are we changing?

On the basis of past experience we have developed a new open Mentoring formula, allowing for year-round support of students and graduates. A dedicated website will allow the students and graduates to familiarize themselves with the profiles of mentors, while mentors will be presented with silhouettes of the mentees who would like to develop under their guidance.

Who is welcome to cooperate?

We invite both the representatives of large companies, acting nationally or internationally, as well as small companies and self-employment companies to cooperate with us.

Why get involved?

Participation in the mentoring program benefits not only the students/graduates. Mentoring relationship provides an opportunity for mutual development for both the mentee and the mentor, by discovernig the perspective of another person and shared exploration of the world. For the company, becoming involved in a mentoring program strengthens the awareness of the students – potential employees, the image of the company, its mission and the objectives pursued, related to conducting socially responsible business.

Form for Mentordownload
Please send the electronic version of the form (.doc and a signed scan) to:

Monika Siurdyban

tel. (+48) 71 36 80 893

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