Już 20go maja odbędzie się kobiece biznesowe śniadanie w McKinsey - The secrets of a successful presentation – women’s workshop & breakfast with McKinsey


The secrets of a successful presentation – women’s workshop & breakfast with McKinsey

Address: McKinsey Client Capabilities Hub, plac Nowy Targ 28, 50-141 Wrocław

Date: May 20, 2022

Time: 09:00-11:00 am CET

We invite you to join the women’s breakfast workshop on “How to get into a positive mindset before speaking in public – the secrets of a successful presentation”. During the meeting, our special guest speaker will present you with several ways that enhance your public speaking skills and help you deliver presentations more effectively.

The event is designed for women – you can be either currently enrolled in a university in Poland or fresh graduates (up to 2 years after finalizing your studies).

What to expect:

It is a 2- hour breakfast meeting with a guest speaker session. No previous preparation is needed. Participation in this event will give you an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and meet McKinsey Analysts and like-minded peers. We will serve delicious breakfast.

How to apply:

Each interested person is invited to apply online by May 17th. Qualified participants will receive detailed description of the event and confirmation by May 18th.


To be eligible, you must self-identify as a woman and be a university student or graduate of any faculty worldwide. Regardless of nationality, you must be currently based in Poland. While applying, you need to present either certificate of obtaining student status or diploma from studies, with graduation max. 2 years ago.

Application link: https://jobs.mckinsey.com/events/EventDetails?folderId=63585 

Adres WWW: https://jobs.mckinsey.com/events/EventDetails?folderId=63585

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